Arrowsmith Marlowe earns Environment Department’s Keep Guernsey Green Award

August 20th, 2010 by States of Guernsey Environment Department

Arrowsmith Marlowe has received the Keep Guernsey Green Award for their efforts in encouraging and assisting other organisations in managing their waste more effectively.

Through its existing contracts, Arrowsmith Marlowe has been able to install and service recycling facilities at over 30 organisations, servicing almost 1,500 people.

Maria Pols holds the "Keep Guernsey Green Award" with Environment Minister Deputy Peter Sirett on her right, and Hugh Roe, MD of Arrowsmith Marlowe, with the blue tie on her left (click image to expand)

Mr Hugh Roe, Managing Director of Arrowsmith Marlowe, said  “I am extremely pleased that we have received this award for the effort and changes in practice that have been made within the Company.  Additionally, being a service orientated company, we are in a good position to advise and help clients to reduce their environmental impact. This has to be good for the Island.

Once we had started looking at our own processes within the Head Office and identified areas where action could be taken, it was interesting to seeing actual savings being made. For example duplex printing has resulted in the purchase of A4 paper alone being reduced by at least a third.

We are now not only looking at the other trading sections of our Company to bring them into line with the Head Office and the Contract Cleaning/Service Division, but also we are in the process of marketing certain lines that will assist others in improving their ‘Green credentials’.”

Deputy Peter Sirett, Minister for the Environment Department, was pleased to see the commitment shown by Arrowsmith Marlowe in providing the option for other organisations to reduce their waste. He said “some organisations have previously expressed a difficultly with introducing recycling schemes due to storage space on site, the relatively small quantities of material and the additional resources required to service the schemes. By encouraging a number of businesses, Arrowsmith Marlowe has been able to overcome this by facilitating the collection of sufficient quantities of material to make the operation viable, which is great news for local businesses.”

To achieve the Keep Guernsey Green Award, organisations have to meet a set of standards covering ‘Policy and Planning’, ‘Action’ and ‘Review and Improvement’.

Examples of the way Arrowsmith Marlowe met the standards are detailed below:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Produced an Environmental Policy.
  • Identified the Waste Streams handled by the company.
  • Put together a programme of actions to be implemented.


  • Carry out programme of actions eg advised all clients of new services and set up recycling systems within organisations.
  • Update staff on new initiatives/areas of work
  • Review and Improvement
  • Seek feedback from clients and staff on ways to further enhance service.
  • Regularly review items that can be recycled.

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