Sueco Outside Catering Ltd. has switched from using disposable to recycable plastic glasses

July 16th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Sueco Outside Catering Ltd. took a decision in May 2010 to deal with their waste in a more environmentally sensitive manner.   The company has been proactive in reducing the volume of the waste they produce.

The company decided to source recyclable plastic.  This meant purchasing PETE 1 or PET plastic glasses from A1 distributors, separating the plastic at the point of sale, and recycling all PETE or PET 1 plastic glasses at Mayside Recycling Ltd.

Sueco Outside Catering Ltd. also collect aluminium cans and recycle these with the States Works Department.

The company continues to recycle all glass and cardboard through R.F. Mills.

Sueco took the decision to source recyclable plastic glasses even though the cost of PETE or PET 1 glasses is twice the price of their previous stock, and there is an additional cost for them to recycle, but by taking this action they have not externalised the cost of waste disposal for the whole community to bear.

The Mont Cuet landfill is filling up so diverting waste from the landfill in a responsible manner benefits the whole community.

And recycling plastic produces much less carbon emissions than having to produce more plastic from finite fossil fuel resources.

Sueco Outside Catering Ltd. have determined that the cost of purchasing recyclable plastic is not prohibitive.  The company has decided to lead the way on this important issue.

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