Guernsey Water sewer extensions planned as part of school redevelopment

July 23rd, 2010 by Guernsey Water

GUERNSEY Wastewater will be installing lengths of new sewer main in the Rue des Deslisles as part of the redevelopment works for Les Beaucamps School.

The project at Rue des Deslisles, which begins on 24th July and will also include the Ruette des Deslisles, will involve the installation of 350m of 225mm-diameter foul drainage main which will enable the school and other properties on the road to connect to the main drain.

Once this project is completed in late August, separate works will begin in the nearby Rue de Preel, involving the laying of 150m of 150mm-diameter foul drainage main. The work, which will allow properties that were previously left off from an earlier phase to connect to the main drain, is due for completion by late September. Both projects will be carried out by contractors Geomarine.

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Director of water services Andrew Redhead said: “We are carrying out the majority of these works in the summer holidays to minimise the inconvenience to the public that roadworks inevitably bring. Our contractors will often be working 6-day weeks in order to complete the projects as quickly as possible.”

The exact completion dates for the projects are yet to be confirmed, but any updates will be published on the Guernsey Water website and the Environment Department’s roadworks co-ordination website

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