Guernsey Post Office Staff clean Saline Bay Beach on 4 July 2010

July 4th, 2010 by Richard Lord

On 4 July 2010 twenty Guernsey Post Office employees and friends turned up on a windy and increasingly overcast afternoon to pick-up litter from the beach in Saline Bay.  Besides the usual plastic bottles, aluminium cans, sweet wrappers, pieces of Styrofoam and Nylon fishing twine, a plastic calculator was found as well as pieces of a Barbie doll, and a used disposable barbecue with charcoal.

Forty-two recyclable aluminium cans were picked-up, as well as 42 recyclable plastic bottles, and three intact glass bottles. Several broken beer bottles were also recovered as well as pieces of hard plastic, plastic bags and pieces of plastic sheeting.

Over 3000 pieces of litter weighing 30.6 kgs were collected by Guernsey Post Office staff and friends from Saline Bay Beach on Guernsey's west coast

Over 30.6 kgs of litter was removed from the beach.  Guernsey Post Office Ltd. Chief Executive Gordon Steele collected 2.9 kgs of material, which was composed of 345 separate items of litter.  Based on the average weight of each piece of litter Gordon Steele collected, the Guernsey Post Office team removed over 3640 pieces of litter from Saline Beach.

Guernsey Post Office employees cleaned the beach at Vazon last year but decided to clean Saline Bay Beach this year.  From now on they plan to clean a Guernsey beach twice per year.

After all the collected litter was sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable items for appropriate disposal, Guernsey Post Office employees, and their friends took off their gloves and enjoyed a fish & chip dinner on the beach.

Small litter items collected included many cigarette stubs, bottle tops, Q-tips, straws, and other small pieces of plastic

The beach at Saline Bay was well-picked of litter.  Let us hope it remains litter free.

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  1. rosie dorey

    Congratulations to the P.O. staff for doing this litter pick. Tremendous! It would be great to get more groups to do likewise because it is a great way to raise awareness of our irresponsible attitude towards disposable everything!

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