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June 16th, 2010 by Meriel

With summer well and truly on its way you’re probably making plans, and those plans are likely to involve some gear. We want you all to make good use of what’s around you before you rush out to buy new stuff.

The chances are that everything you need to get those jobs done, try out new sports or hobbies, go on that camping trip, or make that party go with a bang is just down the road collecting dust. Borrowing instead of buying will save you money, time and will ultimately create less waste.

Perhaps you’ve already got the gear and its collecting dust in YOUR cupboards. Think about lending it out to make it earn its keep. You can lend for free, or for a fee. If you feel inclined you can donate the proceeds to G-CAN.

This is all managed by Ecomodo, the new Guernsey based website started by Meriel Lenfestey (with a lot of help from some generous friends). They not only let you list your stuff for people to find, but they also manage the whole transaction, making sure everything is OK in the end. To give you extra confidence you can set up lending circles to restrict who you lend to, and you can add insurance and deposits for each lend.

We have added a list of the latest things to borrow and things people are asking to borrow in Guernsey to this site. Look towards the bottom of every page below ‘Recent Posts’.

To have your stuff added, or to respond, you’ll need to join Ecomodo (its free).

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