Bus policy – Bus Users Group meets with the Environment Department

June 15th, 2010 by Fergus

The Guernsey Bus Users Group (BUG) had a fruitful meeting with Environment (Minister Peter Sirett and Chief Officer Steve Smith) on 14 June 2010.  BUG focused on bus shelters.  We particularly highlighted the opportunity at Cobo. In 2007/8 some eight shelters were erected, but none last year.  The Environment Department, being responsible for buses and planning permission, seems to have a possible advantage here, and we urged them to make it a focus too.

Apart from that, we discussed paid parking in Town. The Environment Minister is in favour of paid parking but the rest of his Board are against it.  So nothing will happen until the Board changes, presumably after the next election. BUG is inclined to resist higher bus fares while parking is still free. However, we accept that bus fares are very low, and that some OAPs would also be willing to give up their free bus pass – perhaps free Ormer cards could be issued to OAPs on Social Support.

We discussed the progress of Tribal HELM, which is looking hard at Beau Sejour and the bus “subsidy” as it’s two first projects (far be it for them to target something which REALLY costs money..). The Transport Policy for the island is on hold, although cash for it is building up thanks to the tax on petrol, until Tribal’s views are known.

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