BBC Guernsey offers free packet of wildflower seeds to benefit bees and other insects

June 8th, 2010 by Richard Lord

BBC Radio in Guernsey is distributing free flower seed packets to benefit pollinating insects. (click to enlarge)

Free packets of wildflower seeds are available for collection from the reception at the BBC office on Bulwer Avenue in St Sampson.  The BBC in Guernsey is taking part in the Bee Part of It project.

From 17 May 2010, with help from the National Trust, local BBC radio stations are adopting a local bee hive in their area.  Chris Tomlins of the Guernsey Bee Keepers’ Association set-up the BBC Guernsey beehive.

Visit the BBC Guernsey website for more information about bees in Guernsey.  On 8 June 2010 BBC News warned beekeepers in the Bailiwick of Guernsey not to import bees or used bee equipment to avoid the spread of American Foulbrood disease, which has been found in Jersey.

Wildflower see mix packet available from BBC Guernsey (click to enlarge)

The National Trust has supplied a fact sheet about bees and their importance as pollinators.  The fact sheets suggests growing flowers rich in nectar around your home.  The fact sheet also advisers to stop using pesticides.  Although individual pesticides may be classed as harmless to bees, the combination of pesticides found in the environment may be lethal.

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  1. Poppy and Daisy Shepherdson

    Hi There, we are 2 little girls who live in Oldham, Lancashire. We want to do all we can to help bees flourish again! In 2 weeks we are going to Glastonbury Festival. We are going to dress up as bees, and give out little leaflets that we have made ourselves, informing people how they can help bees return to their gardens. We have tried EVERYWHERE to find kind people who will help us by donating free wild flower seeds to give out with our leaflets. Could you help us??PLEASE!! We are also trying to persuade our head teacher to plant a wild flower/insect area in our school grounds. We have written to honey companies, seed companies, organisations..and so far have only received one reply [which said ‘sorry’!] If you could do anything to help…I know we live so far away..we would really appreciate it. If not….good luck with the wonderful campaign you have got going! Love Daisy[9] and Poppy[7] xx

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