8 June 2010 has been designated No Plastic Day

June 1st, 2010 by Richard Lord

No Plastic Day is a world wide event intended to bring awareness of the over-consumption of disposable plastic goods such as plastic bags and bottles. It is well known that there are floating islands of garbage in most of the world’s oceans. The huge amounts of plastic trash we all discard daily doesn’t decompose, doesn’t break down, and most of it is toxic to the animals that accidentally consume it. The current rate of plastic consumption is not sustainable and is starting to create a huge problem for marine life particularly. Fish eat toxic plastic bits. We catch the fish and eat the fish. Its only a matter of time before we’ve polluted our own food supplies with plastic trash.

What you can do on No Plastic Day – June 8, 2010

* No plastic bags – If you buy something from a store on No Plastic Day, bring your own bags. If you don’t have any cloth or paper bags, just reuse the plastic bags you already have. They’ll never biodegrade so you might as well reuse them if you already have them.

* No plastic bottles – Drink water from the tap or buy drinks in aluminum cans or glass bottles if you must.

* Limit your garbage – Almost everything you throw away is made of plastic. By limiting the garbage you create, you will reduce your plastic waste as well.

* Be creative – Everyone’s situation is different and you will need to customize your own situation for No Plastic Day. Be creative. Reuse, recycle, and reduce your waste. Consider it a personal experiment to find ways you can create less garbage and try to use no disposable plastics.

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    my contribution for today is the NO PLASTIC BAG


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