Guernsey Organics box vegetable scheme

May 6th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Fiona Pollock (centre) now owns Guernsey Organics, which produces Soil Association approved organic vegetables

As of 1 January 2010 Guernsey Organic Growers became Guernsey Organics.  Fiona Pollock bought the business from Anne Sandwith, who built the business up over many years.

Guernsey Organics will soon have a new website but in the meantime you can visit the Guernsey Organic Growers website to order organic vegetables by participating in the Vegebox Scheme.  To participate in this scheme please call Fiona Pollock on 07781 435 395.

The website describes how the box scheme works.

To see the assortment of organic vegetables produced by Guernsey Organics take a look at the vegetable album.

A selection of organic vegetables from Guernsey Organics on display at a Guernsey farmers' market ©RLLord

4 Responses to “Guernsey Organics box vegetable scheme”

  1. Meeghan Murdoch

    Hello there

    I am trying to locate a source for organic veg here on Guernsey. If you could send me some information regarding this that would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Sonja

    Hi there,

    Does the Guernsey Veg box scheme still exists as for some reason I cannot get on the website. I might be interested in signing up?

  3. roc


    I am looking for the address mail of the organic vegetable growing association in Guernsey.

    Many thanks for your cooperation.

    looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Anne Sandwith

    Very sorry Roc but Guernsey Organics no longer exists. I ran Guernsey Organic Growers for 20 years and when I retired my colleague, Fiona, took over from me for 3 years but unfortunately gave up last year. It’s extremely hard work and very difficult to make a living out of any kind of growing or farming, let alone organic with its increased costs and competition from ‘cheap’ foreign produce. Sorry to disappoint you but you’ll just have to grow your own veg! Best wishes Anne.

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