Ecomodo: Good Returns

May 5th, 2010 by Meriel

Ecomodo is a new Guernsey based online service with high ambitions for enriching communities and driving responsible consumerism throughout the British Isles.

Ecomodo creates visibility of seldom used items and spaces, and hidden skills; triggers lending and borrowing by making connections between people who have and people who want; hand holds through each lend to manage any money and increase confidence; and finally checks both parties are happy at the end.

Meriel Lenfestey, co-founder, believes “it will become the norm to make the items we have but seldom use available to other people around us“.

Every time an object is re-used it improves the utility to life-cycle environmental impact ratio. For every object borrowed instead of bought, its use is increased. This increase in use against the amount of energy and embodied carbon that was used to build, package and distribute is better for the environment.

Ecomodo is free to join and add items to lend, and lenders can choose to lend for free. However, they have found that most people prefer to charge some money, either for a good cause or for themselves.

Ecomodo is a great way for those of us who are motivated by sustainable living to encourage our less green friends and families to live more sustainably. It has been designed to appeal to a broad set of motivations to maximise take up (and therefore effect). It does this by enabling us to ..

  • Make and save money: Earn money by lending assets we already have and save cash by borrowing things we don’t need often.
  • Do a good turn: Choose to donate proceeds to a favourite good cause or simply help the people around us by sharing what we have.
  • Live a richer life: Gain access to the things we need to follow our dreams, pursue our interests and do the boring jobs more quickly.
  • Be green: Reduce our collective effect on the environment by pooling our resources.

It has also been designed to drive confidence amongst the more cautious members of the community. Members can control who can borrow their items by joining or creating trusted lending circles. They can choose insurance or deposits for extra peace of mind.

We’ve set up a lending circle for G-CAN. Register at Ecomodo, find the G-CAN Circle and join. When you add items to lend you can choose to donate the proceeds directly to us if you wish.

Imagine the sheds, lofts, garages and cupboards of your neighbours, friends and colleagues all opened up for you to use.

Imagine the unseen talent sitting just beyond your doorstep.

Imagine the things you could do if you just had the space to do it.

Think about what could lend. Open up your personal treasure trove for the common good.

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