University Of Exeter Business School’s One Planet MBA

April 23rd, 2010 by Richard Lord

The University of Exeter Business School is developing a new Masters of Business Administration degree called One Planet, which will be launched in September 2011.

The programme is being developed in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

The One Planet concept recognises that future business leaders will be operating in a resource constrained world with a burgeoning world population.

The educational programme will be global in outlook.  It will enable graduates to run operations in culturally diverse settings with different value systems and constrained resources.

The University of Exeter is becoming a hub for world-class climate change research.  It has close ties with the Met Office Hadley Centre.

The  Cornwall campus is home to the Centre for Ecology and Conservation, which is the fastest growing institute of its kind in the UK.

The University is investing a further £80 million in science, medicine and engineering.  A portion of this investment will focus on climate change and Sustainable Futures.

The Business School is recruiting a development cohort of 40 to 50 people to join the Exeter MBA in October 2010.  These individuals will work with academics and leading experts, as part of their MBA studies, to develop and form the One Planet MBA that will run from the following year. This group will steal a march on their contemporaries and lay a trail for a new generation of business leaders.

To inquire about the programme contact Stephen Hickman, MBA Director.

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