Guernsey’s Sofsync Ltd. produces ‘My Carbon Controller’ software

April 30th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Guernsey company Sofsync Ltd. has produced ‘My Carbon Controller‘ software. The software is an easy way to calculate and manage a personal carbon footprint. My Carbon Calculator makes it easy to calculate and track personal greenhouse gas emissions.

A personal carbon footprint is a measurement of the impact one has on the environment and on contributing to climate change.

By entering easily obtainable information into the software’s database, My Carbon Calculator will determine the carbon dioxide emissions from the data supplied.

The user enters household, transport and holiday data into the software database and the software calculates total greenhouse gas emissions produced in one year.

My Carbon Controller has been designed to be specific to a user’s country or jurisdiction by taking into account the different energy mixes that a particular jurisdiction uses.

My Carbon Controller software also provides targeted useful tips on how to reduce emissions.  If the software user implements these suggestions they can update their data and track their reduction in carbon emissions.

My Carbon Controller is supplied on CD that is protected by a 100% recycled cardboard sleeve.  CDs of the software will be available at Quayside and other leading Guernsey retailers.

The software is available for download from Each copy of the program provides a license for up to four users per household.

To find out more about this software or to order copies of the CD visit the Sofsync Limited website.

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