Free Interactive Web Event: Sustainability in Everyday Life by EarthScan

April 26th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Earthscan is offering a free live interactive webinar or Internet seminar on Wednesday 28 April 2010 beginning at 1700 GMT.  This is the second earthscan seminar of the series to address sustainability.  To register for the event visit the Earthscan website.

Earthscan held a ‘Sustainability in Everyday Life’ Earthcast on 31 March 2010.  This covered institutional and cultural change.  The Earthcast was recorded for playback.

The second Earthscan Earthcast to be broadcast on 28 April will address how individuals can change their behaviour and inspire change in others.  The Earthcast includes an audio track and a slide show to accompany the information presented.

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  1. David Leigh

    The Australian Federal Government, under the administration of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, is paying millions of dollars to Indonesia, in order to stop forest clearance and burning (see “The Burning Season” also funded by Rudd).

    In Tasmania, native rainforest is being cleared at the rate of 22 football ovals every day and converted to plantation, using E.Globalus and E.Nitens. These monoculture trees have been modified to have toxic leaves that fall into drinking water. This is to kill any browsing herbivore, which manages to survive the 1080 poisoning.

    The trees cleared sequester 5 times as much carbon as northern, warm climate rainforests. The trees, which replace the clear felled native forest, are only in the ground for around 10 – 15 years and cannot count as a carbon sink. These trees are being funded as a carbon credit for Mr Rudd’s Carbon Trading Scheme (now on the back burner)

    My documentary , A WORM in the APPLE, tells the same story as the one depicted in the Burning Season, except this time it is about Tasmania. It also shows the vile corruption, which allows these forests to be abused.

    The point of all this is to say that DEFORESTATION MUST BE ON THE AGENDA from this point forward, in all climate discussions. Without our forests we cannot hope to prevent a carbon dominated atmosphere.

    Without the biodiversity a native forest provides we face major food and water shortages in the coming years.

    The hypocritical, almost omniscient attitude, which rides proud in all Australian governments is the driving force behind climate change from this part of the globe.

    That same attitude also runs through the carbon emitters, as they prepare to buy into plantations, to offset their emissions and keep polluting. FACT: 38% of all electricity used on Planet Earth is generated using coal mined in and exported from Australia. QUESTION: We know that coal-fired power generation is responsible for 50% of GGE; does that mean that Australia is responsible for 19-20% of global emissions?

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