Patrick Holden CBE speaks with Kay Langlois about Guernsey Food Security Part 2

March 4th, 2010 by Richard Lord

From BBC Guernsey: How self-sufficient could Guernsey be?

2010 M02 230210 Patrick Holden BBC radio part 2

Patrick Holden says “with the world’s growing population, the threat of climate change and resource depletion experts are now predicting that there could be a global food crisis within ten to 15 years, and in order to prepare for it we need a strategy to ensure that the maximum possible percentage of our staple foods come from as close as possible to where we live….. I learned to my horror yesterday that 450 cows per year that are at the end of their lives as dairy cows are shot and incinerated simply because the abattoir in Guernsey hasn’t got the right facilities to store the meat while it is checked to make sure it doesn’t have BSE…. This is the most monumental waste of good food – enough beef in fact to feed 5000 Guernsey citizens – and Guernsey beef won one of the Soil Association food awards a few years ago.  It is absolutely delicious.  That is the opposite of a sustainable food system.

… Household food waste could be composted and go back on the land.

Guernsey could be much more self-sufficient in beef if only there was a bit of vision and a bit of forward planning.

We are going to increasingly have to think about waste as an opportunity to recycle.  We really are at the end of the binge period where we are dining out on the accumulated mineral and biological resources of planet earth and we are going to have to hand-on our planet to our children hopefully in a state where they can cope with it.

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