E-SI installs Guernsey’s first modulating ground source heat pump in March 2010

March 21st, 2010 by Paul Fletcher

E-SI installed the first modulating ground source heat pump in Guernsey in March 2010.  One has been installed previously in Jersey.

E-SI uses Mitsubishi heating equipment, which is extremely energy efficient.

A modulating ground source heat pump alters the output power to speed up or slow down according to how much heat is required in the home and how cold or warm it is outside. Tied with E-SI’s Dataterm Intelligent Heating Controls, which ‘optimises’ the start times of the heating set points, this combination makes for an extremely efficient and economic system.  The system has very low running costs, low long-term bills, a small carbon footprint, and it can be powered by locally generated electricity. Photovoltaic cells can offset all of the heating energy required over the year.

'Slinkies' being installed in trenches that are 33 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. Photograph was taken on 17 March 2010 (click image to expand - ©Paul Fletcher)

This picture was taken today (17 March 2010) and shows ‘slinkies’ being installed in trenches, 10 x 33metres long, 1.5m wide.

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