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Nissan LEAF electric cars proving extremely popular

March 18th, 2014 by Nissan Motor Company

Drivers of the Nissan LEAF – the world’s best-selling electric car – are racing towards the 1 billion kilometre mark. Roberto San José, from Valladolid, was the first taxi driver in Spain to buy a Nissan LEAF, explaining that since buying his Nissan LEAF in October 2011 he has covered over 100,000 km and eliminated […]

UK built Nissan Leaf electric car to go on sale in June 2013

June 17th, 2013 by Nissan Motor Company

Nissan announced at the end of May 2013 that a nurse from Paris had become the 10,000th Nissan Leaf customer in Europe. Nissan has sold over 50,000 Leaf’s globally, confirming the ground-breaking zero emission car’s status as the best-selling electric vehicle of all time. The nurse will be driving the Nissan Leaf on visits to […]