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RBC Wealth Management staff clear litter from Belle Greve Bay shore

June 18th, 2013 by RBC Wealth Management

Belle Greve Bay has benefited from a much-needed beach clean up, thanks to willing and enthusiastic volunteers from RBC Wealth Management. RBC Wealth Management employees, aided by family and friends, spent their time after work cleaning up the beach to mark RBC Blue Water Day – a day dedicated to highlighting the objectives and achievements […]

RBC Wealth Management and Guernsey Conservation Volunteers restore Marais Rise reed beds

September 10th, 2012 by RBC Wealth Management

Marais Rise, an ecologically important wetland and reed beds area, has been cleared by a group of volunteers, leading to a new habitat for local and migratory birds. The Guernsey Conservation Volunteers (GCV) was helped by staff from RBC Wealth Management in tackling an area that had become overrun with vegetation not native to reed […]