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Guernsey Public Support Tap Water Campaign

October 19th, 2010 by Guernsey Water

GUERNSEY Water’s campaign on promoting tap water in favour of bottled water has received backing from the general public, with 95% of respondents from their recent survey agreeing that tap water should be made readily available for free at local establishments such as bars, restaurants and hotels. The survey also asked customers to rate the […]

Minutes of the Jersey Climate Action Network meeting on 28 September 2010

September 30th, 2010 by Jeremy Harris

Present: Nine people were present, including Maria Barnicoat, Mark Forskitt, Jeremy Harris, Nigel Jones, Stephen Le Quesne, Nick Palmer, Ruth Rolls, and Joy Thomson. Apologies: Apologies were received from Francis Binney. 1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 31st August, having been previously circulated, were taken as read and were confirmed. 2. Time […]

Why tap water is good for you

June 14th, 2010 by Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water has put together a leaflet outlining the benefits of drinking water for both physical and mental health. The leaflet also explains the advantages that tap water has over bottled water, and how Guernsey’s water is treated to make sure it is of the highest possible quality.  Guernsey Water has the leaflet available as […]

Why tap water is a better choice than bottled water

June 14th, 2010 by Guernsey Water

You can download this A3 – sized poster from the Guernsey Water website.