Thrive 2020 – from Surviving to Thriving conference at Les Cotils

October 10th, 2017 by The Dandelion Foundation

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The Dandelion Foundation proudly announces the third instalment of Thrive 2020 – From Surviving to Thriving – which takes place on Friday 13 October 2017 at Les Cotils, St Peter Port, Guernsey.

Following on from previous ground-breaking Thrive 2020 events, the day is designed to impact upon every member of the community in some way.

Do you feel you are thriving, or merely surviving?

We live in an age where healthcare is advanced and our life expectancy is higher than it has ever been, at least in the western world.

However, living for longer with access to effective medical treatment does not in itself make for a joyful, meaningful life.

Regardless of our age or occupation, we all need to find a purpose and to combat the common problems, such as stress or loneliness, which threaten our ability to enjoy each day.

Thrive 2020 – From Surviving to Thriving – will cover a full spectrum of thinking and solutions to coincide with the new Guernsey Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy launched earlier this year.

It forms a bold vision in line with the Future Guernsey plan to make Guernsey one of the happiest and healthiest places in the world.

The speakers confirmed are at the cutting edge of what they do.

All of these inspiring speakers will have valuable lessons to share, which we can take on board and apply to our island.

The programme includes:

Dan Acher of Happy City Lab, which explores collective spaces to create situations and events that encourage participative experiences.

Graham Marshall on how our built environment affects our mental health.

Alex Heaton on creating lasting behavioural change using science, technology and human support.

Elaine Wyllie on the Daily Mile and how this initiative has helped children to perform better at school.

Wendy Suzuki explores the impact of exercise on brain function.

Dr Melrose Stewart, who appeared in the Channel 4 programme ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’, on achieving equity in health and social care.

Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon, an ‘ordinary lad’ from Manchester who has introduced thousands of young people around the world to a different side of dance and movement.

Dr Pratima Singh on bridging the mind-body gap in mental health.

Rachel Kelly, who will be talking about her new book on eating for good mental health.

Mark Hopfenbeck on Open Dialogue, a new work of working with those suffering from psychosis.

Tickets for Thrive 2020, which will run from 9 am to 5 pm on 13 October 2017 at Les Cotils, are available on Eventbrite.

More information on the speakers and their talks can be found at on the Thrive 2020 website.

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