Guernsey wastewater network extension programme to be dependent on availability of funds

September 18th, 2015 by Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water is committed to its Network Extension Programme (NEP) to connect Guernsey properties to the public sewer.

However, as our policy letter states, the current delivery target of 95% public sewer property connection by 2020 is no longer appropriate.

It has always been Guernsey Water’s position that demands on resources need to be allocated on a priority basis.

Further work to connect more properties is only undertaken when the funds are available within the prioritised programme of investment in Guernsey’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

This represents better value and enables the re-prioritisation of investment to address higher priority needs such as flooding, pollution and improving our existing sewerage infrastructure.

This will provide greater customer and environmental benefit.

At the current rate of progress the NEP could be extended to 95% of Island properties by 2079 at an estimated capital cost of £80 million.

Shortening this timescale would either increase customer bills or reduce capital investment in other higher priority areas.

While the shift from cesspits to public sewer has a positive impact for the property owner or occupier (such as convenience, no more cost of collection) the NEP is a relatively expensive, time intensive and disruptive programme of works which presents little financial payback and, in most cases, has minor environmental benefit.

Currently 85% of island properties are connected to the public sewer with the remainder of properties relying on cesspits which are emptied at regular intervals by sewage tankers.

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