Improving home energy efficiency a remedy for rising energy bills

March 12th, 2014 by UK Green Building Council

The UK Green Building Council is urging the UK Chancellor George Osborne to make energy efficiency of homes a top infrastructure priority in his 19 March 2014 budget.

The Council states that the UK needs to retrofit one million homes each year for the next 25 years to curb rising energy bills, reduce the occurrence of  fuel poverty, and lower carbon emissions.

Home energy consumption accounts for about 25% of the UK’s total carbon emissions.

Improving these properties offers an opportunity to stimulate investment and growth in construction, help create thousands of jobs, and export opportunities for a world-leading energy efficiency industry.

Paul King, Chief Executive of UK-GBC, said “as our energy bills continue to climb year on year and the need to reduce our emissions becomes ever more urgent, energy efficiency is the only antidote.”

“The scale of the challenge, and equally the opportunity for the construction industry, is huge,” he said.

“The UK Government must make energy efficiency a top infrastructure priority and provide the necessary support to allow this market to flourish.”

UK-GBC is calling on the UK Government to treat energy efficiency as a capital spending priority, providing grants for the fuel poor and using its borrowing power to reduce the cost of Green Deal finance and encourage a greater retrofit market.”

“Householders also need a more compelling reason to take action – including permanently linking Stamp Duty (Document Duty in Guernsey) to energy efficiency and introducing robust regulation for privately rented homes to force landlords to improve the energy efficiency of the worst performing properties,” Mr King said.

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