Appleby law firm achieves Keep Guernsey Green award

February 25th, 2014 by Richard Lord

To gain the award companies have to meet a set of standards to demonstrate their commitment to energy conservation and waste management.

Nicky Sangan, Office Manager for Appleby in Guernsey, which has 24 employees, said “Appleby is an offshore global law firm. When we started the Guernsey office in 2010 we were quite conscious that we wanted to implement environmental initiatives.”

“In 2012 we started the process of obtaining the Keep Guernsey Green award.”

“We already had a few initiatives in place including the recycling bins, but to achieve the award we went through the assessment process with Steve Park, our assessor, which was really useful.“He suggested quite a few things that one doesn’t usually think about.”

“We used to have a water cooling dispenser that was plugged-in.  Now we have a filter on the normal tap and we fill our own bottles, and this change saves us £1440 per year,” she said.

“Some light fittings have been changed to low energy bulbs, and we have a policy of turning off all our computers every evening.”

“We looked at the way we archive, and reuse plastic dividers, and Lever Arch files.”

“Also, we went through the process of looking at our stationary and how that was transported to us and whether we could reduce the amount of packaging.”

“We went back to our suppliers to ask them what they do in terms of their environmental initiatives, and when we look for new suppliers we look at their environmental initiatives.”

“It is the Guernsey office’s policy for everyone to use the double-sided print function where possible. We are looking at moving towards a paperless office using our document management system, which a number of people use already.”

“We have looked at how we travel and commute too. Most of our employees live in St Peter Port and can walk to work but those that don’t can choose greener forms of transport. I cycle to work and a couple of other employees use scooters.”

Appleby’s policy on overseas travel promotes the use of video conferencing facilities to reduce the number of journeys and our carbon footprint.

“We are constantly looking at ways of making improvements in energy and waste management. As part of this process we looked at what initiatives our colleagues in Jersey were undertaking.”

“The Jersey office has joined the States of Jersey Eco-Active scheme. We have INvolve magazine that circulates through all the global offices. In each quarterly issue we publish tips on how to lessen one’s environmental impact.”

“We have an intranet throughout the global company, and we are going to promote this Award through that medium, and we hope it will encourage other Appleby offices to follow our example.”

“We are moving from this office soon and we are looking at making energy efficiency improvements to the new premises, which we hope will include light sensors that will go on and off as people arrive or leave a room. General waste will be disposed of centrally, which will further encourage the use of recycling bins.”

Gavin Ferguson, Managing Partner at Appleby Guernsey, said “we have an excellent team of staff who actively encourage and promote green initiatives and have community projects planned for 2014, which involve the management and staff taking a “hands-on” approach.”

“The Keep Guernsey Green Award has enabled us to look at each area of our business from a different angle and has been a valuable process.”

“We would encourage other businesses to undertake the assessment.”

“They will no doubt be surprised at the number of standards they are already meeting to assist in gaining this award.”


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