Guernsey Water’s Le Truchot work closes one Weighbridge roundabout lane until 26 January 2014

January 15th, 2014 by Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water‘s wastewater flooding alleviation project at Le Truchot commenced on Tuesday 14 January 2014.

The project incorporates traffic management arrangements and the relocation of the taxi rank.

The traffic management arrangements will consist of limiting the Weighbridge Roundabout to a single traffic lane while work on the roundabout and carriageways is undertaken.

Despite this restricted access, one carriageway will remain operational at all times. These arrangements are planned to run from 14 to 26 January 2014.

Once these works are complete, both carriageways will be reopened and work will move to the taxi rank area at Le Truchot/Lower Pollet.

The taxi rank will be relocated to the North Beach car park on or around 27 January 2014 until the whole project is completed on approximately 7 March 2014.

The temporary rank will use the right-angled parking zone next to the wall on the southwest side of the car park, adjacent to where the cycle shelter currently stands. This shelter will temporarily become the taxi rank shelter while the relocation is in place.

Contractors Geomarine will work from 6 am until midnight each day for the first two weeks of the project in order to get the work on and around the roundabout completed as quickly as possible.

The decision to extend the working hours was taken after consultation with the States of Guernsey Environment Department on the best way to reduce traffic disruption in the area.

Once work on the roundabout is completed, contractor working hours will reduce to 7:30 am to 6 pm until the anticipated completion of the project on 7 March 2014.

Additional consultation on other aspects of the project has also been carried out with Guernsey Police, the Taxi Drivers’ Federation and CT Plus.

Andrew Redhead, Director of water services, said “this is a highly important project for Guernsey Water and St Peter Port, as it involves remedial works to prevent instances of foul water flooding in the area around Le Truchot and the Lower Pollet, which have caused problems in the past.”

“We appreciate that there will be some disruption while the project is in progress, but working closely with our contractors and other bodies we will ensure that inconvenience is kept to a minimum.”

Please visit the Guernsey Water website or telephone 239500 for additional information about the wastewater project, and visit the Island Roadworks Information System for traffic management information.


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