Tree planting with enhancement to Baubigny schools walking route

December 10th, 2013 by Living Streets Guernsey

(click to expand - image courtesy of Living Streets Guernsey)

Tom Le Pelley, Chair of Living Streets Guernsey walks along the new path (click to expand – image courtesy of Living Streets Guernsey)

Living Streets Guernsey that promotes pedestrian safety on the island has been working closely with the States of Guernsey Education Department and the Baubigny schools to develop an extension to the Baubigny Schools pathway, which will allow children to walk directly into the car park via a new pathway around the football pitch.

Tom Le Pelley, Chair of Living Streets Guernsey, said “when we first opened the Baubigny Schools pathway in 2010 children entered the buildings through the schools’ back gates.”

“More recently, however, owing to logistical problems, children have had to use the prison road.”

“We have been trying for some time to resolve this issue and are very pleased that a solution has now been found,” he said.

“In September 2013 an entrance was cut in the fence bordering the car park so that children could now walk around the football pitch and join their friends entering the school at the front.”

“We are now embarking on a major enhancement of the whole area,” Tom Le Pelley said.

Nigel Clarke of Queux Patio and Vic Froome of La Société Guernesiaise have designed an exciting planting scheme which will not only delineate the pathway but also enhance the whole area.

More than 3,000 trees and shrubs will be planted between now and February 2014.

Nigel Clarke and Vic Froome said “the vision for the section nearest the car park is for an “outside learning and picnic area” which is consistent with Ofsted best practices.

The plants and trees will provide opportunities to teach all curriculum subjects as well providing an edible orchard for humans and wildlife,” they said.

Robin Hammerton of Ofsted has said “learning outside the Classroom has positive benefits for all groups of young people, including those under achieving, or not sufficiently motivated by mainstream provision.”

Living Streets Guernsey has undertaken the task of finding the funds for the planting scheme.

The charity is pleased to announce that so far 50% of the costs have been pledged by Tony Creasey from the M&S plastic bag fund.

Tony Creasey, Managing Director of Creasey’s (Franchise) Ltd, which operates the Marks and Spencer franchise in Guernsey, said “we are delighted to be able to help the further development of the Baubigny Schools pathway.”

“We are especially pleased that the planting of a variety of trees and shrubs will also give the opportunity to extend the classroom outdoors and encourage the students to appreciate the environment,” he said.

“The Marks and Spencer Plastic Bag Fund was created when we imposed a £0.05 charge for single use carrier bags.”

“We are delighted to use this fund to create and sustain projects that support healthy lifestyles and our environment.”

“This scheme fits both objectives and we are sure that present and future pupils will benefit from this funding,” Mr Creasey said.

On Monday 9 December 2013 members from Living Streets Guernsey, The Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees, and children from the Baubigny schools began planting the trees and shrubs under the guidance of Nigel Clarke and Vic Froome.

Tom Le Pelley said “extending the pathway into the school car park now means that members of the public will be able to connect with our pathway through the vinery site (and onwards to Admiral Park) – thus reinstating a right of way which existed before the schools were built.”


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