Guernsey Water encourages winter care of pipes and oil tanks

November 24th, 2013 by Guernsey Water

(click image to download Guernsey Water's winter care advice sheet)

(click image to download Guernsey Water’s winter care advice sheet)

Guernsey Water is asking customers to take care of their pipework and oil tanks during the winter, to avoid problems with leakage or spills.

The utility is keen for customers to be aware of potential problems when the temperatures start to drop.

This includes lagging pipework and outside taps, checking oil tanks and catchment pits for leaks, and preventing flooding by turning off internal stop taps if customers are leaving their property for a long period of time.

Andrew Redhead, Director of water services, said “when colder temperatures hit, water in pipes can freeze and expand. This can cause damage to the pipework and could potentially lead to flooding.”

“Customers must also be aware that heavy rainfall can fill up oil tank catchment pits which could lead to oil overflowing out of the pit – and oil pollution is very difficult for us to remove from the water supply,” he said.

Guernsey Water has created a Winter Care information leaflet.


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