Volkswagen’s XL1 313 mpg diesel-electric hybrid car at Buckingham Palace for Coronation Festival

July 12th, 2013 by Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s futuristic XL1, the world’s most fuel-efficient production hybrid car, drove through the streets of London on 10 July 2013.

The two-seat diesel-electric hybrid, which achieves a fuel consumption figure of 313 mpg while emitting just 21 grams per km of carbon dioxide, turned heads as it passed through the streets of the city, with its white carbon fibre body shell standing out in contrast to black cabs and red double-decker buses.

Volkswagen's XL1 drives by the Palace of Westminster in London (click image to expand - image courtesy of Volkswagen (UK))

Volkswagen’s XL1 drives by the UK Houses of Parliament (click image to expand – image courtesy of Volkswagen (UK))

The XL1 crossed the capital and headed to Buckingham Palace where it will be displayed as part of the Coronation Festival.

The super-innovative, ultra-frugal XL1 model looks like a vision of the future, but it is in fact already in limited production.

Its body is made largely of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer, while its drivetrain melds a two-cylinder 800 cc diesel engine with an electric motor.

It has a low profile at 128.2 cm high and features scissor-opening doors, and a useful 120-litre capacity boot.

Volkswagen XL1 with doors open (click image to expand - image courtesy of Volkswagen (UK)

Volkswagen XL1 with doors open (click image to expand – image courtesy of Volkswagen (UK)

To achieve the target fuel consumption figure the XL1 was aerodynamically optimised, adopting the classic ‘tear drop’ shape and using innovations such as removing traditional wing mirrors and replacing them with small cameras called e-Mirrors which transmit exterior images to interior displays.

The XL1 is manufactured (left-hand drive only) at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück factory in Germany.

Unlike these cars, the XL1 is ‘handcrafted’ using small series production processes.

An initial production run of 250 XL1 vehicles will be made.

Pricing and sales channels are yet to be confirmed.


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