Rossborough gives donation to Guernsey branch of Jumbulance

March 19th, 2013 by R.A. Rossborough (Guernsey) Ltd

(back row, left to right) Jumbulance treasurer Vanwy Wallbridge, Rossborough sports and social secretary Karyn Jackson and Rossborough sports and social treasurer Caroline Renouf and (front row, left to right) Jumbulance helper Pauline McClean, Jumbulance group leader Pam Bartlett, Rossborough director Steve Moullin and Jumbulance nurse Mary Hodder.

(back row, left to right) Vanwy Wallbridge, Jumbulance treasurer; Karyn Jackson, Rossborough sports and social secretary; Caroline Renouf, Rossborough sports and social treasurer. (front row, left to right) Pauline McClean, Jumbulance helper; Pam Bartlett, Jumbulance group leader; Steve Moullin, Rossborough director; and Mary Hodder, Jumbulance nurse. (click image to expand – image courtesy of Rossborough)

A R.A. Rossborough (Guernsey) Ltd donation has covered the cost of hiring a specially converted bus to bring a group of disabled and terminally ill islanders back from a trip to Lourdes.

Each year the Guernsey branch of Jumbulance organises a trip away from Guernsey which enables islanders, who might normally be unable to travel, the chance of a break away.

“We alternate each year between a pilgrimage to Lourdes and a holiday. This May we are taking ten islanders to Lourdes as it well known as a place of healing,” said Pam Bartlett, Jumbulance group leader.

The group usually hires the Jumbulance bus to transfer the group, which also includes one helper per person, two nurses, a priest and a doctor, from and to St Malo but this year the timings of the return ferry to Guernsey means the bus was unavailable.

“One of our contacts has found us a different bus but that has additional cost and so the generous donation from Rossborough will more than cover the cost of that so we are very grateful to them,” said Mrs Bartlett.

The money raised by Rossborough was through staff activities including dress down days and the amount was then matched by the company.

“Rossborough has been serving the island for more than 75 years and we are proud to be a well-established part of the community.”

Steve Moullin, director of R.A. Rossborough (Guernsey) Ltd, said “we have no doubt that the money raised by our staff will make an enormous difference and we wish everyone heading to Lourdes a wonderful time.”

The cost of the trip is £24,000 and a donation has also been received from the Lloyds TSB Foundation.

“It means an awful lot when we receive donations from local companies and organisations as we simply couldn’t organise these trips without that financial support,” said Mrs Bartlett.

“Being away from Guernsey brings so much pleasure and is often very therapeutic and it also gives their carers a short but well-deserved break,” she said.

Rossborough’s chosen charity for 2013 is the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“As a Guernsey company, our aim is to choose charities which make a tangible different to the Guernsey community and there is no doubt that both Jumbulance and the GSPCA do that,” Mr Moullin said.

Anyone wanting to know more about Jumbulance can contact Mrs Bartlett on 01481 247357.


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