Guernsey Community Foundation’s third round of quarterly grants awarded to five charities

November 28th, 2012 by Guernsey Community Foundation

Five local projects have benefited from the third round of the Guernsey Community Foundation’s Quarterly Grants Programme which currently targets projects that work towards improving social inclusion.

Once completed, these greenhouses will provide an all-weather facility for working in the garden. The Trust is working with offenders serving community service hours and is aiming to use their facilities as an educational resource, especially for youth groups.

Many retired people volunteer at the gardens, helping them avoid the feeling of isolation.

The Guernsey Cheshire Home has been awarded £2,500 towards essential maintenance at the Home arising from damp problems.

The Home is in operation whilst these repairs are carried out and the residents are still able to receive the high level of care that they are accustomed to, but the resulting re-organisation is placing extra financial pressure on the Home until the repairs are completed.

Guernsey DriveAbility offers the general public a medical fitness to drive assessment which aims to assist people to achieve independent mobility despite their disability or medical condition, allowing many people to continue working.

It was awarded £1,000 towards insurance costs and to replace the car hand control adaptor which will help in advising on driving aids for clients with lower body weaknesses or loss of limb(s).

£2,500 has been awarded to Young People Guernsey towards the building costs for the new entrance to “The Hub”.

The entrance will provide safer access to the new centre, away from the main road, and will importantly allow access to young people with any disabilities.

It is vital for the centre to provide equal access to all young people who need its information and advice services.

Grow Limited has been awarded a grant of £1,500 for replacing damaged roadside staging equipment, which will give more opportunity for attendees at Grow to work during the winter season.

Once again, many applications were received for the grants, with needs totalling near to £100,000, showing a clear demand for more funding in the area of social inclusion.

The Foundation continues to meet with many organisations which were unsuccessful in securing funding to see how it can help in other ways, such as matching up volunteers and providing advice.

Dave Warr of the Guernsey Community Foundation said “we are very pleased to be able to offer some additional funding to these charities to help them towards their goals and continue their daily services. We look forward to identifying other areas of support that we will offer other projects and organisations where funding was not awarded.”

The next cycle of the quarterly grants programme will see a larger total of £11,000 available to charitable and voluntary causes working with social inclusion themes, thanks to a £1,000 donation to the Foundation from RAF Kinloss after its closing in July 2012. This donation is intended to give a little back to the Guernsey community after its beneficial association with the island.

The next round of the quarterly grants programme opens on Monday 3 December 2012. Applications will be accepted until Friday 4 January 2013.

Further information can be found on the Guernsey Community Foundation website.  Application forms will be available to download from the 3 December 2012.


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