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Guernsey charities fund equipment to help prostate cancer patients

October 31st, 2012 by Male Uprising in Guernsey

Nine month old charity, Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG), is making a difference to male cancer suffers on Guernsey.

MUG and Prostate Cancer Guernsey have provided the funds for two pieces of high-tech scanning equipment for the Urology department at the Medical Specialist Group.

The special scanner and biofeedback machine will enable urology nurses to examine patients more thoroughly, and help their specialist advice to be even more valuable for each individual patient.

Mr Owen Cole, Consultant Urologist at the MSG, said “the equipment Male Uprising Guernsey and Prostate Cancer Guernsey have kindly funded allows us to offer state of the art care for patients having keyhole surgery for prostate cancer in Guernsey.”

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Scotland’s massive wave and tidal energy potential will create jobs

October 31st, 2012 by RenewableUK

John Hayes, the UK’s Energy Minister, and Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, highlighted the enormous economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, in speeches at RenewableUK’s annual conference in Glasgow.

Mr Salmond announced a new target of generating the equivalent of 50% of Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2015, on the way to the SNP’s target of 100% by 2020.

Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland, speaking at the RenewableUK Annual Conference and Exhibition in Glasgow (click image to expand - image courtesy of RenewableUK)

The First Minister told hundreds of delegates at the wind, wave and tidal industry’s conference that renewable energy offers a “massive economic opportunity for Scotland.” Continue reading

YPG invites you to an ‘Open Lunch’ at The Hub from 12 to 2 pm on 1 November to learn about their work

October 30th, 2012 by Young People Guernsey

Since The Hub opened in early September 2012, Barnardo’s have been surprised with the number of children seeking support, and also the intensive and high-end issues presented to the service. These issues include:

  • experiencing violence
  • caring responsibilities for siblings and adults
  • young girls with older boyfriends
  • general safeguarding issues
  • need for support with involvement in criminal justice system
  • bullying and problems with transition to new school

The service has been busy, and is already making a difference to the lives of some of Guernsey’s vulnerable young people. Continue reading

Women who smoke when pregnant predispose grandchildren to asthma

October 29th, 2012 by BioMed Central Limited

The dangers of smoking on smokers and their children are widely known.

Research published in a paper ‘Perinatal nicotine exposure induces asthma in second generation offspring‘ in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Medicine demonstrates that nicotine exposure also causes asthma in the smoker’s grandchildren.

Asthma is a major public health problem.

It is the most common chronic disease of childhood.

While there are many factors which contribute to asthma maternal smoking during pregnancy is a well known, and avoidable, risk.

During pregnancy nicotine can affect a developing foetus’ lungs, predisposing the infant to childhood asthma. Continue reading

Most comprehensive smoke-free laws lead to fewer hospitalisations

October 29th, 2012 by American Heart Association

Comprehensive smoke-free laws are associated with a rapid 15% decrease in hospitalisations for heart attacks, 16% for stroke, and a 24% decrease in hospitalisations for respiratory diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The most comprehensive laws — those covering workplaces, restaurants and bars — resulted in more health benefits.

Smoke-free legislation was associated with substantially fewer hospitalisations and deaths from heart and respiratory diseases, according to research published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

Researchers reviewed 45 studies covering 33 smoke-free laws at the local and state levels around the United States and from countries as varied as Uruguay, New Zealand and Germany. Continue reading

Making the London 2012 Olympics the most sustainable Games ever

October 29th, 2012 by Duncan Gray

Lee Merrien running along Victoria Embankment in the London 2012 Olympics Men's Marathon (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

As Guernsey’s Lee Merrien and Heather Watson, and Sark’s Carl Hester, trained to be ready for the London 2012 Olympics others were planning for success of a different kind; to make London 2012 the most sustainable Olympic Games ever.

London 2012 had five sustainability themes:

  • climate change
  • waste
  • biodiversity
  • healthy living
  • inclusion

There were some triumphs like a new form of lower carbon concrete and the development of a beautiful new riverine park with wetlands and reed beds. Continue reading

Barclays shortlists 15 Guernsey charities for share of £30,000

October 29th, 2012 by Barclays

Fifteen charities have been shortlisted for this year’s Barclays Champion Charities awards scheme in Guernsey.

The winners, who will each be awarded a share of £30,000, will be announced at a presentation evening on Thursday 15 November 2012 at St Pierre Park Hotel, St Peter Port.

A large number of applications were received for the awards in 2012, which is open to registered Guernsey charities looking for a grant to fund a project or initiative that will make a real difference to the Guernsey community.

The short-listed Guernsey charities include:

Les Bourgs Hospice milk cartons collect over £50,000 in loose change

October 29th, 2012 by Les Bourgs Hospice

Guernsey residents have helped Connie the Cash Cow raise more than £50,000 for Les Bourgs Hospice.

Since the initiative, which saw specially designed milk cartons being delivered to every home in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, was launched on 1 February 2012, 2,649 cartons have been returned, and it is estimated that nearly two million coins have been collected and counted.

“To raise £50,125 in loose change is absolutely amazing,” said Helen O’Meara, campaign organiser. Continue reading

Guernsey Conservation Volunteers give reeds a chance at Marais Rise

October 28th, 2012 by Richard Lord

The Guernsey Conservation Volunteers worked at Marais Rise reed bed close to Belle Greve Bay on the invigorating sunny and windy morning of Saturday 27 October 2012.

A section of the Marais Rise Reed Bed (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The Marais Rise reed bed is States of Guernsey land that the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers work to maintain and manage.

The volunteers have worked on the Marais Rise reed beds on three occasions this autumn removing brambles and other colonising plants to allow the reeds in the low lying habitat to grow and prosper. Continue reading

Guernsey’s banking, investment & insurance know-how provides one- stop shop for cleantech industry

October 26th, 2012 by Christopher Hopson

Tidal waves form during the incoming tide at the entrance to Victoria marina in St Peter Port harbour, Guernsey (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

Guernsey has embarked on a strong push to position itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ to finance clean-energy technologies and renewables projects around the world – particularly for wind and solar.

Fiona Le Poidevin, Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance, which represents the local finance industries, tells Recharge there has been an increase over the past few years in the number of global investment funds using Guernsey as a base, as well as for their administration.

“We have been highly commended by the International Monetary Fund for our high levels of regulatory supervision, which means people can feel comfortable to structure their finance on the Island,”Le Poidevin said.

“We have strong banking, investment and insurance, and a trust and company fiduciary industry. Increasingly these days, we are seeing a big interest in making more sustainable, Continue reading