Skills Guernsey in partnership with community to maximise workforce

September 30th, 2012 by Skills Guernsey

What is Skills Guernsey?

Skills Guernsey has two main aims:

  • Improve the skills of Guernsey’s working population, in line with the needs of employers in all sectors;
  • Increase workforce participation i.e. to enable everyone who is willing and able to work to find employment.

If we can achieve this, we will contribute to the future prosperity of the Island.

Who are Skills Guernsey?

Skills Guernsey is a partnership between business members from large and small local businesses, individuals with skills related experience, community representatives and States departments and training providers (States of Guernsey Department of Commerce and Employment, States of Guernsey Department of Education, Social Security, Department of Health and Social Services, Guernsey College of Further Education, and the Guernsey Training Agency).

Skills Guernsey is chaired by Dr. Elaine Monkhouse.

What do we need from you?

Skills Guernsey are developing a range of plans to deliver improvements in skills and workforce participation. However to deliver this effectively we will need the support of the Guernsey employers, engagement and participation.

Businesses of all sizes, large or small, will need to play their part.

In future we will be asking the Guernsey business community to get involved and help Skills Guernsey address the big issues set out below.

Initial issues being addressed

  • Supporting and encouraging employable people back to work.
  • Ensuring that young people leave school and or further education with skills and the right attitude to secure suitable employment.
  • Encourage employers to:

look local;
consider people with disabilities;
encourage training and development;
take apprentices;
offer work experience;
nurture existing talent
offer flexible working conditions.

  • Ensuring that training and development provision meets the Island’s employers’ needs, across all sectors.
  • Gathering, maintaining and using skills related data to make informed decisions about skills in the future.

These are challenging issues, but if we work together we can make a positive difference.

Next steps

  • Skills Guernsey is building a skills community and would like you to nominate someone from your organisation to be our main contact.
  • One of our first themes will be to seek your views on ‘employability’ skills.
  • Look out for details of our first annual conference planned in Spring 2013.

Contact Details

Our website, ready soon, will have useful contacts and reference points that will also celebrate best practice. However, if you have any initial ideas, questions or wish to register your interest, let us know by contacting skillsguernsey @ or call 733044.


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