Isle of Wight begins shift to low carbon transport with Prius Plug-in

August 25th, 2012 by Ecoisland

The Isle of Wight's new Prius plug-in (click image to expand - image courtesy of Ecoisland)

Ecoislands, a global leader for sustainable communities, has formed a partnership with Toyota GB, as part of a shared commitment to alternative, low-carbon transport.

Toyota joins leading technology partners, including IBM, Toshiba, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, Sliver Spring Networks, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), ITM Power and Southern Water, who are committed to helping to turn the Ecoislands vision of enabling every region around the world to live within their means into a reality.

To launch the partnership Toyota and local supplier Wight Motors have delivered a new Prius Plug-in Hybrid to the Ecoislands flagship project on the Isle of Wight, driving awareness of, and infrastructure for, alternative fuel vehicles.

Ewan Shepherd, General Manager Fleet and Vehicle Remarketing at Toyota GB PLC, said “Toyota is an environmental leader in the automotive industry, committed to developing technically advanced, alternative-fuel solutions and fully support Ecoislands plans for sustainable transport on the island.”

With the ability to run 15.5 miles in electric-only mode, the Prius Plug-in offers CO2 emissions of 49 grams per kilometre and an official UK government combined cycle fuel economy of 134.5 mpg.

Unlike electric vehicles, the Prius Plug-in automatically switches to HV (Hybrid Vehicle) mode when the EV range is depleted, eliminating range anxiety and ensuring a total driving range of 769 miles.

The transition to alternative fuel vehicles is a vital component of the Ecoisland’s plan to decarbonise the Isle of Wight and transition to renewable energy self-sufficiency by 2020.

Toyota representatives with Ecoisland's Founder, David Green in the pale jacket, with the Isle of Wight’s new Prius Plug-in Hybrid (click image to expand - image courtesy of ecoisland)

Ten electric vehicle charging points are already being rolled out across the Isle of Wight in partnership with SSE and Chargemaster.

The island is also set to become a test bed for hydrogen fuel as part of a £4.66 million Technology Strategy Board project, led by the energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power, which will build a hydrogen energy production, storage and vehicle refuelling system that will be integrated into the power system on the Isle of Wight.

“Due to its size and smaller road network the Isle of Wight is the ideal location for the widespread use of electric vehicles and the Prius Plug-in will provide us with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the usability and cost-effectiveness of this technology,” said David Green, Ecoislands Founder and Chief Executive.

Ecoislands will be showcasing the Toyota Prius Plug-in at the Ecoislands Global Summit 2012 in October, giving communities from around the world the chance to learn about the role alternative-fuel vehicles can play in the transition to a sustainable future.


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