BMWs C evolution near-production electric scooter for the commuter

August 2nd, 2012 by BMW Group

BMW recognises that growing traffic volumes, rising energy costs, and increasingly stringent CO2 emission restrictions on vehicles are going to require drastic changes in the requirements for individual mobility.

With this in mind, BMW Motorrad have developed the BMW C evolution, which is a near-production prototype electric scooter, which is designed for commuter traffic between the suburbs and urban centres.

Five of these scooters are being tested in urban conditions.

The BMW C evolution has a powerful electric motor, which can achieve a maximum speed of 120 km per hour, and has impressive acceleration capabilities. The electric scooter also has a high performance ABS braking system.

The BMW C evolution electric scooter uses regenerative braking. The lithium-ion battery charges automatically when the rider coasts or brakes, which extends the scooter’s range by up to 20 percent depending on driving conditions.

The battery capacity gives it a range of up to 100 km which is more than enough for the average commuter. A completely flat battery can be charged in about three hours, via the integrated charging device, either using a regular household outlet or a charging station.

The electric scooter has a low centre of gravity, which makes it very easy to handle at slow speeds, which is a great benefit in urban traffic. It also handles motorway travel and overtaking manoeuvres very well even with a pillion passenger.

Acceleration is excellent. There are no delays in torque build-up at all as is typical with combustion engines due to the clutch engaging and disengaging.

More detailed information is available on the BMW blog.

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