KPMG employee volunteers and sees Tumaini Fund work firsthand

July 30th, 2012 by KPMG

Glenda Bosha of KPMG with widows supported by the Tumaini Fund (click image to expand - image courtesy of KPMG)

Glenda Bosha, assistant audit manager at KPMG in the Channel Islands, recently returned from a trip to Tanzania to review the Tumaini Fund’s financial year accounts.

Miss Bosha volunteered to do the work in response to an appeal by the charity, which looks after AIDS orphans in Tanzania. KPMG supported her aims as part of the firm’s corporate citizenship programme.

During the ten day visit, Miss Bosha put the accountancy skills to the test reviewing the charity’s financial reports from 2011, against supporting statements and invoices, to assure that everything was in order ahead of the annual audit, which is conducted every year to international standards, and is signed off by Roger Arundale, Tumaini Funds honorary auditor.

Miss Bosha faced a number of challenges including the basic infrastructure and cultural differences.

Glenda Bosha of KPMG with a widow and her grandchild who are about to start the Tumaini Fund support programme (click image to expand - image courtesy of KPMG)

“Getting the accounts review work done within such a different environment was very demanding and it was also a big task to undertake in such a limited time frame.”

“At the same time I needed to adapt to the significantly different culture of the local people; the majority of the population of Kagera spoke Swahili and the resources were very basic but they were all so nice and very helpful.”

“It was a fantastic experience. It forced me to alter my processes to ensure we could get the work done with the limited facilities available,” she said.

Although much of the trip was dedicated to her accountancy work, Miss Bosha also experienced some of the impoverished conditions that the Tumaini Fund seeks to alleviate, and witnessed the charity’s impact on local lives.

“I witnessed families who have dramatically improved lives thanks to the support of The Tumaini Fund.

“For example, a widower who lived with his heavily disabled daughter, who required 24-hour care, in very poor conditions and with little access to food. The Tumaini Fund’s intervention has greatly improved their situation. They have built a new home with wheelchair access and are providing food. It is amazing to see the change it brings,” said Miss Bosha.

Miss Bosha shared her experiences, joined by Dr Susan Wilson, chairman of the Tumaini Fund, with KPMG staff.

Glenda Bosha of KPMG with students supported by the Tumaini Fund (click image to expand - image courtesy of KPMG)

“It has been wonderful for us to have the benefit of Glenda’s expertise in Kagera. She has not only provided us with a valuable financial review – which is essential for transparency and good governance – but she has also made recommendations for our future accounting practices,” said Dr Wilson.

“These will enable us to build on the work of Roger Arundale and Alfred Waithaka, who have also spent time on the project, and develop an accounts department that Tumaini can be proud of,” she said.

Tony Mancini, KPMG executive director, said “Glenda’s project encapsulates what we are trying to achieve with our Corporate Citizenship programme at KPMG – using our skills to assist a fantastic cause. The way she made the project happen is a great example to the rest of us and we are very proud of her.”

The charity relies on the support of an auditor each year and will be looking for a volunteer to fill this position in 2013.

Please contact Dr Susan Wilson by email using yesunitumaini @ to find out more about this opportunity.


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