Guernsey wastewater charge collected to maintain infrastructure

July 30th, 2012 by Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water would like to clarify to customers that the wastewater charge agreed by the States of Guernsey in January 2009 will continue to be charged as set out in the original States Report.

However, customers will no longer have to pay the ‘sewage treatment investigation’ portion of the charge, which was removed from the charge with effect from 31st March 2012.

This additional charge, which was originally set at £50 per household per year, was used to fund the study carried out by marine experts Intertek METOC in 2011 and some other sewer pipe repairs necessary to reduce the amount of seawater entering the system. The result of the marine study informed the States Report which was approved by the States of Guernsey at their January 2012 meeting.

Andrew Redhead, Director of water services, said “while we have removed the sewage treatment investigation portion of the charge, we still need to collect the rest of the wastewater charge, which includes a standing charge to cover the fixed costs associated with the upkeep of the wastewater infrastructure, and a variable charge to cover the costs of dealing with the wastewater that customers produce.”

Customers with cesspits are not exempt from the wastewater charge, but cesspit emptying rates have been substantially reduced so that the average household with a cesspit should be paying roughly the same for their wastewater and cesspit charges combined as they did for their cesspit charge alone before the wastewater charge was introduced.

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