RBC Wealth Management creates garden at King Edward VII hospital

June 21st, 2012 by RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management employees created an aromatic herb rockery, a wooden pagoda with hanging baskets, and added bird feeders and a bird nesting box to a neglected pond area in the 216 square foot courtyard of Guernsey’s King Edward VII Hospital for the benefit of patients and visitors.

RBC Wealth Management volunteers who transformed a courtyard into a garden at Guernsey's King Edward VII Hospital. (from left to right): Back row: Pam Preece (League of Friends of King Edward VII Hospital), Mark Chick, Jan McDade, Julia Hunkin from RBC Wealth Management, Nigel Clarke (Queux Patio) and Rachel Chick from RBC. Front row: Helen Wills and Mandy Langmead from RBC and Mandy’s son, Sam Langmead. (click image to expand - image courtesy of RBC Wealth Management)

Mandy Langmead, a member of RBC Wealth Management’s Guernsey Leadership Team, who did the voluntary work, said “the courtyard is only accessible through the hospital so we laid protective plastic sheeting and then spent the first Saturday transporting 12 tonnes of soil and compost, using just four wheelbarrows, from lorries, through the corridors and out into the courtyard. We were extremely lucky with the weather otherwise it could have been one big mess!”

“On the second Saturday we got to the fun part of planting up all the plants and it really does look so beautiful.”

The League of Friends of the King Edward VII Hospital used donations from RBC Wealth Management to purchase all the hard landscaping materials and plants at cost from Nigel Clarke of Queux Patio Plants, who also spent many hours of his free time planning and supervising the whole project.

Pam Preece, Voluntary Treasurer of the League of Friends of the King Edward VII Hospital said “we can’t thank RBC Wealth Management and Nigel Clarke enough for this. Residents, visitors and staff can now relax and spend quality time outside in a beautiful area.”

RBC Wealth Management made a £1000 donation to the League of Friends of the King Edward VII Hospital earlier this year.

A further $1000 CAD (approx. £630) was secured from the company’s global RBC Day of Service award scheme, which grants donations to projects or programmes in the communities where RBC has a business presence.


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