Guernsey teachers attending Kidscape anti-bullying workshops

April 19th, 2012 by Specsavers

National anti-bullying charity Kidscape will visit Guernsey on Tuesday 24 April 2012 to run training seminars for teachers, on how to deal with and prevent bullying in their schools.

Supported by the Specsavers Children’s Charitable Foundation and working with the States of Guernsey Education Department, the charity has put together a day of workshops tailored to primary and secondary school teachers.

“We are so pleased to be coming to Guernsey to provide practical advice for education staff,” said Kidscape director Claude Knights.

“The workshops will help give teachers the skills to build self-esteem amongst their pupils, help them recognise what bullying is and create an environment where these sorts of behaviours are not tolerated. The Education Department has welcomed this partnership approach which builds on the work already carried out in schools.”

The charity already has an excellent relationship with Specsavers but this is the first time it has worked with the company in Guernsey.

The workshops in the UK often focus on the targets of bullying, but these island specific seminars are designed to leave behind a legacy in the form of a trained team of staff.

“The aim of this awareness and intervention programme is to enable pupils to gain the knowledge and develop the confidence and skills to challenge abuse and bullying in all its forms,” said Zoe Grainger from the Education Department.

“We know that the Kidscape programmes are effective in reducing bullying and are applicable to both ‘bullies’ and ‘targets’ of bullying in enhancing self-worth, self-esteem and emotional well-being.”

Tina Bury of Specsavers PR department added “combining our fundraising for Kidscape and the work our children’s charity does locally seemed like an obvious thing to do.”

“We have worked extensively with the States of Guernsey Education Department to make sure that these visits provide as much benefit as possible. The plan of training the teachers for them to pass the skills on to the children and other staff is fantastic and makes this a really sustainable project.”

This is the first of two visits – the second will take place in November 2012.


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