reduces fuel costs, reduces traffic, reduces pollution and reduces parking difficulties

March 8th, 2012 by Liftshare

The typical UK commuter who car-shares every day saves about £800 a year, and reduces their CO2 emissions by about a tonne.

To find someone who is going your way visit the free-to-use Liftshare website and add details of any journey you want to share.

You can then search for others making a similar journey, and contact them through the system to suggest you try sharing.

You don’t have to share every day, and you don’t even have to have your own car to benefit from car-sharing. Many drivers are happy to offer a lift in exchange for a contribution to the cost of the journey.

Liftshare provides a very useful ‘Savings calculator‘.

Type in the journey distance and the number of times the journey is made each week, add the engine size of the car from the drop-down menu, and type in the cost of fuel per litre to calculate how much money you save car sharing with one or more people.

(click on the Liftshare logo to go to their website)

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