IAG committed to recycling and conserving energy gains ‘Keep Guernsey Green Award’

October 4th, 2011 by International Administration (Guernsey) Ltd

Commenting on International Administration (Guernsey) Limited‘s (IAG) receipt of the Keep Guernsey Green Award, Raymond Page, Managing Director of IAG, said “since moving into Regency Court, IAG has been committed to re-cycling waste and conserving energy.”

Raymond Page, Managing Director of International Adminstration (Guernsey) Ltd. (click image to expand - image courtesy of IAG)

“Striving to achieve the Keep Guernsey Green Award gave us the extra impetus to take our aims further.  We are very pleased to have gained an excellent endorsement for what we have achieved so far. It has been a real team effort and our staff is now very aware of doing what we can do in the workplace, in addition to their own re-cycling efforts at home, to help Guernsey’s green credentials.

There are financial as well as environment benefits to managing our waste and energy conservation obviously helps to reduce costs too.

Samantha Bisson, our stationery buyer, carried out a detailed analysis of our purchasing and identified best buys, taking into account both cost and ear-marked environmentally friendly products. We now require cleaners to use eco-friendly cleaning products in our office.

All of our ink cartridges, paper, cardboard, glass, tin waste etc is collected for re-cycling; as is our green waste, which is picked up by Wecycle.

Our office lights are on movement sensors, so we only have those parts of the office which are in use lit up. These are just a few examples of the steps we have taken so far.

Thanks should also go to Veronica Devine, the Project Coordinator, who progressed the application and co-ordinated our efforts towards achieving this award.

Any way that we can work towards reducing waste and energy and contribute to the sustainability of resources is to be welcomed and we shall continue to look for ways we can develop and build on what we have achieved so far,” Raymond Page said.

To achieve the Keep Guernsey Green Award, organisations have to meet a set of standards covering ‘Policy and Planning’, ‘Action’ and ‘Review and Improvement’.


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