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Have a health check during Healthy Hearts Day at Beau Sejour on 25 September 2011

September 23rd, 2011 by Health Promotion Unit

Come to Beau Sejour Leisure Centre between 9 am and 1 pm on Healthy Hearts Day, 25 September 2011, to have your health checked and engage in fun family activities.

(click on the image to download the Healthy Hearts Day flyer which provides the list of activies available)

It’s a day for all the family to enjoy!

Have your cholesterol, Blood pressure, metabolic age, weight and height measured

  • PLUS a Metabolic age health test
  • FREE multi sports sessions for 8-13 year olds, run by the Sports Commission
  • FREE Family Fit Club sessions for 5-8 year olds
  • FREE Kiddy Kapers for walking to 5 year olds
  • FREE Bouncy Castle
  • FREE Family Tennis
  • Have a go at Body Balance (9am-9.45am) and ZUMBA® (10am-10.45am)

As well as the health checks you will be able to access dietary advice, visit the Quitline stand if you are considering giving up smoking, watch and sample a healthy cookery demonstration and learn some basic life support skills.

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Fit Club For Families

A chance for parents to revert to their youth and play games with their children.

The coach will facilitate all the games children play in a fitclub session, relay races, topsy turvey, skipping ropes and games with hula hoops but for all the family to enjoy.

Multi Sports Session with the Sports Commission

Whilst you wait to have one or all of the free health tests done by our health professionals, your children can be off having fun. Games such as dodge ball, stuck in the mud, healthy hearts and more, to encourage team building and interaction for children aged 8 – 13 years.

To book any of the sports hall activities please call Beau Sejour Reception on 747200 for more information about the day please call Jenny Rees on 747271.


Healthy Hearts Day promotes smokefree cars at Beau Sejour on 25 September 2011

September 23rd, 2011 by Health Promotion Unit

On Healthy Hearts Day, the Health Promotion Unit and the Environmental Health Unit will have a car outside Beau Sejour Leisure Centre filled with cigarette butts and the chemicals children will be exposed to when adults smoke in a car.

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Gerry Le Roy, Health Promotion Officer for Smoking and Heart disease, said “The dangers of secondhand smoke are well established and in Guernsey it has been against the law to smoke in vehicles used for work since 2 July 2006. However, there has been no restriction on smoking in cars with children on board even though researchers have found that secondhand smoke levels in vehicles are often greater than in many other enclosed areas. Continue reading

High-performance flexible and lightweight photovoltaic solar cells produced in Swiss laboratory

September 23rd, 2011 by Empa

Nature Materials‘ has published a paper on the technology yielding flexible solar cells with an 18.7% world record efficiency developed by scientists at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA).

Key to the breakthrough is the control of the energy band gap grading in the copper indium gallium (di)selenide semiconductor, also known as CIGS, the layer that absorbs light and converts it into electricity.

Flexible CIGS solar cells developed at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (click image to expand - image courtesy of Empa)

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Steep increase in global CO2 emissions despite reductions by industrialised countries with binding Kyoto targets

September 23rd, 2011 by European Commission Joint Research Centre

Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the main cause of global warming – increased by 45 % between 1990 and 2010, and reached an all-time high of 33 billion tonnes in 2010. Increased energy efficiency, nuclear energy and the growing contribution of renewable energy are not compensating for the globally increasing demand for power and transport, which is strongest in developing countries. Continue reading

Clearing the Guernsey shore of litter during Beachwatch weekend 2011

September 22nd, 2011 by Richard Lord

During a windy Saturday 17 September 2011 many volunteers, coordinated by the States of Guernsey Environment Department, participated in the Marine Conservation Society‘s Beachwatch Big Weekend by walking the Guernsey sea shore to collect litter.

Litter collected from a 100 metre stretch of pebble and sand shore at Champ Rouget, Chouet, north coast of Guernsey on the afternoon of the 17 September 2011 (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

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Parish rates could be reduced with more household recycling

September 22nd, 2011 by Richard Lord

While traveling through St Peter Port on a household rubbish collection day, it is possible to identify households that are not recycling.  Torn-open and thin-film black bin bags and lid-less bins reveal large numbers of bottles and cans that can be recycled.

The parish of St Peter Port, like all Guernsey parishes, has to pay for the collection of household rubbish, and also for the disposal of household rubbish at the Mont Cuet landfill.

The annual sum paid by the parish of St Peter Port on the tipping fee at Mont Cuet is about three times the cost of household waste collection. The total sum is paid for by parishioners in their parish rates. Continue reading

Los Angeles eliminates entire car Lane for safer bike travel

September 21st, 2011 by Beth Buczynski

Bike lane sign goes up in Los Angeles (click image to expand - image courtesy of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Bicycle Program)

Despite its reputation for horrendous traffic, officials from the City of Los Angeles recently decided to transform a lane normally used by cars into a thoroughfare for bike commuters.

If you’re an L.A. citizen that normally gets around by car, you might think the decision is outrageous, or even a joke, but it’s not. And if you’re a bicycle commuter, well, it just might be the best news you’ve ever heard. Continue reading

Guernsey water safeguarding St Saviour’s Reservoir water with installation of bypass main pipe

September 21st, 2011 by Guernsey Water

Guernsey Water is installing a bypass main pipe on the bed of the St Saviour’s reservoir.

This project, which is due to begin on 12 October 2011 and will run until mid February 2012, was conceived as a result of an Island-wide risk assessment of the water infrastructure, which demonstrated the need for a pipe to divert streamflow away from the reservoir in the event of the incoming raw water not being of the usual high quality. Continue reading

Living Street Guernsey fund-raising quiz night on 18 November 2011

September 21st, 2011 by Living Streets Guernsey

Living Streets Guernsey is holding a fund raising quiz beginning at 7.15 pm on Friday 18 November 2011 in the Church of Scotland in the Grange, St. Peter Port.  Parking is available at Lukis House.

There will be nine tables of four. Cost is £8 per person which includes a finger buffet.  There will also be a raffle.

The Church of Scotland venue is small and cosy so it’s a great friendly evening.  (alcohol is allowed)

Please join us either by making up a table of four or if you cannot do that, please do come on your own and make new friends.   Please book your table with Jean Lees on telephone 716564 or email: jean.lees @

All proceeds will go towards the Baubigny Schools pathway project.


Guernsey Mind: Employment and Mental Health Resource Factsheet

September 20th, 2011 by Guernsey Mind

(click on logo to go to Guernsey Mind Community page on Facebook)

Guernsey based resources for employment and mental health

This article lists local sources of information or services that may be able to help if you are an employer, working or looking to return to work after a period of mental ill health. These are not comprehensive and we hope to add to this list during our two year project on employment and mental health in Guernsey.

Local services available to support employers/ employees

Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Based in GP or community settings this free Health and Social Service run programme offers advice and support for self-help as well as individual therapy sessions. Continue reading