Guernsey wastewater network extension scheme commencing at L’Eree

August 31st, 2011 by Guernsey Water

GUERNSEY Water’s wastewater section has commenced a project to install a foul water pumping station and sewer along the L’Eree coast road.

These works are part of the overall Network Extension Programme (NEP), a long-term scheme which aims to connect as many Island properties (both domestic and commercial) onto the wastewater network (main drain) as possible.

Deputy Bernard Flouquet, Minister of the Public Services Department said: “The ongoing extension of the sewer network was strongly supported by the States in 2000 and this is the latest phase. By connecting as many properties as possible to the wastewater network, the reliance on cesspits and sewage tankers is reduced. This in turn reduces the risk of pollution from leaking cesspits and provides a much safer, more hygienic and environmentally acceptable means of sewage removal.”

The works at L’Eree will require a pumping station to be installed in the coast side gravel car-park just along from L’Eree Hotel. The station will be positioned underground, and will barely be visible to the public. The installation will necessitate the closure of the northern half of the car-park, which means that the north entrance has been closed and the recycling bins moved to the south end.

A pressurised pipeline will be connected to the pumping station and will run northwards along the coast for a short distance before turning up Route des Adams towards La Houguette School. In addition, a gravity sewer will be installed northwards from the pumping station and will travel along the Route des Sablons towards the L’Eree headland.

This project represents Phase 1a of the L’Eree scheme. Future phases will require the installation of further pumping stations along the coast road, and sewers will be laid all the way to the Imperial Hotel. Once these phases are completed, it will, in due course, allow Guernsey Water to lay further sewers inland from the Imperial, and therefore allow properties in Torteval to be connected.

Phase 1a of the project will cost around £1.4million. The phase has had to be brought forward due to the forthcoming Airport runway works, which will require this route to be kept clear for construction traffic. The timing of future phases in the area will depend on the level of investment that Guernsey Water is able to commit to the project.


The timetable for the L’Eree Phase 1a scheme including road traffic management is shown below:

Pumping station to be installed – from 30 August 2011 – No traffic management required.

5 to 11 September 2011

Ttraffic light at Route des Sablons/Route de la Rocque Poisson Junction.

12 September to 30 October 2011

Route des Adams (L’Eree Hotel to junction with Route du Felconte) closure.

31 October to 4 December 2011

Closure of Route des Sablons.

5 to 16 December 2011

Closure of Route de la Rocque Poisson (L’Eree Hotel to Rue Rocheuse).


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