Bring your own packaging to this London shop

July 18th, 2011 by Unpackaged

Unpackaged’s vision is a world with less wasteful packaging.  The shop is achieving this goal one customer at a time.

Less packaging reduces C0₂ emissions, and reduces the amount of material entering landfill or being incinerated.  Having to buy less packaging gives people the opportunity to live more sustainably.  The Unpackaged shopping concept produces less food waste because people only buy what they need.

One customer who loves Unpackaged said “if I had the courage at the supermarket till I would strip off all my packaging but I am in a hurry and I am a coward” and another said of Unpackaged “this is definitely the way forward.”


3 Responses to “Bring your own packaging to this London shop”

  1. Le Jardins des Enfants Nursery School

    Using e-si supplied equipment after much renovation and moving about we are once again using a 1 kw P.V.C. system and solar assisted hot water systems. It’s free heat and power. Sarnia Cherie where the sun sets in the sea.

  2. rosie dorey

    I’m already doing this to some extent. I keep a stash of clean plastic boxes including ex ice-cream tubs in the back of the car. I take them with me into the supermarket and get all my meat and fish at the butcher counter put straight into the box with no other packaging, or plastic wrapping. The price ticket is then stuck onto the lid. It works a treat! Having no old meat packaging in my bin means no nasty smells too..
    At Hansa, you can buy a little bag called an Onya-Weigh. Inside it there are several re-usable, washable gauze bags that you can use for weighing out your loose veg & fruit.

  3. Christine Morton

    I always have a cloth carrier bag in my handbag in case I want to do some shopping I did not plan and by doing so my cupboard is not full with unwanted plastic carriers and save myself some pennies

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