Sofa Away – reusing magazines and newspapers to make furniture – the creative art of Ruben Iglesias

May 4th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Ruben Iglesias of retrain by rubcn creates beautiful furniture with waste paper.  Yes, waste paper.  Old magazines and newspapers.  Waste is in the eye of the beholder.  And Ruben Iglesias has a creative eye for producing functional art with material people throw away.

Sofa Away made of paper and a wooden pallet for the frame (click image to expand - ©Ruben Iglesias)

Ruben Iglesias showed the paper arm chair with an accompanying paper pouffe at the allstart design collective stand at the Salone Satellite (the Milan Furniture Fair) in April 2011.

The arm chair frame is made from a wood pallet. The arm chair is stuffed with balls of newspaper (click image to expand - ©Ruben Iglesias)

Ruben Iglesias writes “the structure is made of braided paper.  Paper is used to fill the inside.”

“These pieces are not only an art work but a functional object.  They are also a statement that shows the power of reused paper as a structural and decorative material.”

The pouffe made of paper by Ruben iglesias (click image to expand - ©Ruben Iglesias)

Ruben made the side table with “newspapers and magazines that came into my mailbox.”

paper side table by Ruben Iglesias (click image to expand - ©Ruben Iglesias)

Ruben shows such creativity in producing admirable pieces of furniture using material that others no longer want.  He makes us appreciate the potential to reuse waste paper that most of us consider an inconvenience and a nuisance.

In the Waste Hierarchy reusing paper is a more sustainable activity than recycling or disposing of paper.

For more functional products made of waste paper by Ruben Iglesias please visit the retrain by rubcn website.


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