RBC Wealth Management and the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers join forces to restore reed beds at the Marais Rise wetland site

April 8th, 2011 by RBC Wealth Management

Work has begun on a new environmental project to restore the reed beds at the Marais Rise wetland site.

A team of volunteers from RBC Wealth Management joined forces with the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers (GCV) earlier this month to start work on the new reed bed restoration project.

TEAM PHOTO (L-R): Caroline Rowe, RBC; Angela Brehaut, RBC; Helen Wills, RBC; Jon Press, RBC; Mary Lacey, RBC; Clair Le Poidevin, GCV; Angela Salmon, GCV; Christine Guerin, GCV; Sally Pedlar, GCV; Adrian Nicolle, GCV; Shane Mechem, GCV (click image to expand)

The land is managed by the States of Guernsey Environment Department and this important project aims to regenerate the area to create a healthy wetland that can provide a safe habitat for many important bird, mammal and amphibian species.

The team tackled the first stage of the project to start cutting back the brambles, dead reeds, pampas grass and other plants as well removing sofa cushions, a bed base, road signs and bicycle tyres that had got lost in the area over the years.

This clearance work was the crucial first step towards the GCV and Environment Department’s efforts to regenerate the area into an active and diverse wetland over the coming months.

‘The Marais Rise reed bed is a new project for the GCV so to team up with the volunteers from RBC Wealth Management meant that we made a huge impact on our first visit to the site,’ said Angela Salmon, GCV Group Coordinator.

‘Everyone worked really hard and there was a real sense of achievement at the end of the morning when we looked at how much of the site we’d cleared in just a few hours.’

Mary Lacey, Private Client Director at RBC Wealth Management, volunteered for the first time and hopes to return to the site later this year to see the project through.

‘Unfortunately I have always missed the opportunity to volunteer in the past. I found it surprisingly hard work as I was working at low level using a sickle to clear the ground. My knees were still aching days later!’ she said.

‘We were all amazed at how much we had managed to clear by the end of the morning and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope to join the GCV again when they return in September to continue what we started.’


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