Nine year old begins tree planting revolution to tackle climate change

April 30th, 2011 by Richard Lord

The Telegraph published a remarkable story on 29 April 2011 about a nine year old boy, Felix Finkbeiner, who started a global tree planting movement with a presentation about planting trees to tackle climate change to his classmates at the Munich International school.  His presentation was so engaging that before long he was speaking to the entire school, and invited to speak to other schools.  Two months after his initial presentation he planted the first sapling.

He reached out to the corporate sector for sponsorship and Toyota provided €40,000 to hire an employee.

He formed Plant for the Planet, which is now operating in 131 countries. His organisation has already planted over one million trees in Germany.

Felix was elected to the Junior board of the United Nations Environmental Programme and addressed the European Parliament in November 2008.  In January 2011 he addressed the United Nations.

(click on Tree by Tree book cover to go to on-line book written by Felix and friends)

Felix Finkbeiner, who is now 13, knows that children should have a voice in their future.  Climate change is a threat that will impact the lives of today’s children but it needs to be dealt with by the present generation of political, business and community leaders. “For we children it is a question of survival,” he said.


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