Guernsey Tomorrow moves towards new land use strategy

April 22nd, 2011 by Strategic Land Planning Group

(click image to download Guernsey Tomorrow Summary Report from the States of Guernsey Strategic Land Planning Group)

In October last year the States of Guernsey considered a States Report setting out broad options for the future land planning of the Island.

The options in the report were developed to encompass the wide range of views, opinions and ideas that were contributed by people through the ‘Guernsey Tomorrow‘ initiative.

The options described different ways that the Island could accommodate its development requirements over the next 10 to 20 years.

Guernsey Tomorrow was an initiative used to engage the Island community in the process of establishing broad land planning policy direction and aimed to test the appropriateness of the Island’s current land use strategy and to identify Islanders’ views in terms of what contributes positively and negatively to overall quality of life.

The Strategic Land Planning Group (SLPG), Chaired by Deputy Bernard Flouquet, is using the information gained through this unprecedented consultation exercise to inform the production of a new Strategic Land Use Plan.

Deputy Chief Minister and Chair of the Strategic Land Planning Group Bernard Flouquet said “the excellent public input gained through Guernsey Tomorrow now has to be considered and weighed up by our elected members in order to provide an appropriate steer for the new Strategic Land Use Plan.”

He added “this is a rare opportunity to shift the approach of land planning policy and every effort must be made to make sure changes are in the best interests of the community as a whole.”

States Members met in March for the third and final States Member workshop of this fundamental review. The States Member workshops enabled Deputies to discuss issues that emerged from the public consultation and to add their views into the process of drafting the Strategic Land Use Plan. Once adopted, the Plan could set the overall direction for land use across the island for the next 20 years.

Deputy Flouquet added “now that Guernsey Tomorrow has concluded, the Strategic Land Planning Group is focusing on drafting a Plan to be presented to the States of Deliberation later this year. Public involvement in the Plan has been invaluable in getting us to this stage. The ‘Guernsey Tomorrow’ initiative highlighted those things that people perceive to be the most important issues and how they would like to see those things addressed and we sincerely thank everyone who got involved.”

Deputy Fouquet pointed out that “while the process of developing a Strategic Land Use Plan will soon be complete, public involvement in the establishment of planning policy is by no means over.   The SLUP will set an overall strategy for land use and will guide the Environment’s subsequent review of the Urban and Rural Area Plans, to be undertaken by the Environment Department. This will involve consultation on detailed policies and further information on how Islanders can get involved will be made available in due course.”

The review of the Urban Area and Rural Area Plans will commence once the Strategic Land Use Plan has been debated and approved by the States.



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