The Sustainable Development Commission publishes “Fairness in a car-dependent society”

March 31st, 2011 by Sustainable Development Commission

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On 21 March 2011 the Sustainable Development Commission published a report on “Fairness in a car-dependent society.”

The report finds that a society based on car mobility disadvantages people who do not drive or cannot afford to drive.

The report summary states that “some of society’s most vulnerable groups – including children, the elderly and people in low-income groups – are most likely to be affected by the negative effects of increased road traffic in the UK.”

  • In the UK the richest 10 per cent of the population benefit from receive four times as much public spending on transport as the poorest 10 per cent
  • In the UK children of the lowest socioeconomic groups are up to 28 times more likely to be killed on the roads than those of the top socioeconomic group
  • In the UK the most common cause of death for children aged 5-14 years is being hit by a vehicle
  • Those in the top income quintile travel two and half times as far as those in the bottom income quintile and three times as far by car.
  • SDC estimate that the total cost of our level of car dependency significantly exceeds the £48 billion per annum in taxes and charges on UK road users.

Download the report or for the full summary visit the Sustainable Development Commission website.

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