Jersey in Transition committee meeting minutes of 28 February 2011

March 18th, 2011 by Nigel Jones

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Present: Anna Wimberley, Anne Pirouet, Geoffrey Pirouet, Ruth Baier-Rolls, Nigel Jones, Freya Gallichan

Apologies: Daniel Wimberley, Scilla Beck, Jeremy Miller, Kirsten Miller, Ian Rolls

1. The Minutes of the meeting of the 31st January had been circulated and were signed.

2. Brainstorm: What are the aims of Jersey in Transition?

Transition is about:

  • building a more resilient community
  • realising all the untapped social capital and encouraging community spirit
  • all-inclusive, e.g. old people matter, we can learn from them.
  • working towards a sustainable society, e.g. growing your own food
  • re-skilling, e.g. hedging and dry-stone walling
  • finding new ways of coping with problems arising out of the depletion of fossil fuels, e.g. car sharing
  • living more in harmony with nature

Transition is not about:

  • politics
  • money
  • isolation

To sum up:

Transition is a new approach to problems arising from pollution, climate change and resource depletion. Rather than battling against things, Transition is a positive and constructive movement. We believe that if we work together and help each other, we will become more resilient in the long run. Everybody can contribute, and there is a willingness to share one’s skills and possessions.

The Committee of JiT sees itself as an umbrella organisation, willing to administer the groups (14 so far formed and plenty of scope for others) and connecting to the Transition network.

3. How to become an “official” Transition Initiative?

Nigel spelt out the benefits: Once formally accepted as a Transition island, it would give us status, the media would be interested, we would have access to speakers and resources from the Transition Towns Office. Ruth and Anna will go through the steps of registering Jersey and have it listed as an “official” Transition Initiative.

4. Legal Body/Constitution

Geoff had drafted a constitution for JiT . This would provide us with criteria for membership, setting up a bank account, election of committee members, etc.  After discussing how much formality was necessary for Transition, we agreed to find out how other Transition Initiatives do it (Anna). Geoff was asked to circulate his draft constitution to all members.

5. Meeting with Town Park Support Group

We were lucky to have Freya with us who could fill us in on the latest development with the Town Park and the Le Seeleur building. She explained the history of the Le Seeleur Building, it had been a workshop in the past, and as such was a listed building, it has been left by the owner to the States of Jersey, on condition that it be used “for the needy, the infirm and the elderly”. JiT is hopeful that it might become a “make and mend” community workshop. Mark Forskitt and Jim Hopley are going to meet up with the Constable of St.Helier about this. What we as Transition members can do:

  • Find out about listed buildings at the Societe Jersiaise – Le Seeleur is a SSI, we want to know what one can and cannot do with it
  • get some idea of how the building can be used and by whom – creative thinking
  • go on a site visit and see whether there is a job there to do for volunteers like cleaning up the building
  • how do others do it? – find out more from the Werkstadt Initiative Tuebingen(Ruth)

6. Website Progress

The design is finished and there is now a Jersey in Transition website Groups and individuals who are associated with JiT are asked to contribute text and photographs for inclusion on the website, either on the main page, or within the individual groups sections, or both. Copy can be e-mailed to nigel @ and he will format it for the web and post it online. As time goes by we can look at the options for making it more interactive. As it stands it can be a useful show-case for JiT activities and a source of news for anyone interested.

7. Report from groups – The following groups have reported meetings:

  • breadbaking
  • make and mend
  • shwopping
  • upcycling
  • summer party
  • grow your own fruit and veg

8. Communication

We still need a PR person, a newsletter editor, and a few more members on the committee

9. Next meeting: Monday 21 March 7.30 pm at Communicare, St.Brelades


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