Guernsey Electricity working to reduce water use

March 31st, 2011 by Richard Lord

Guernsey Electricity Ltd is currently one of Guernsey Water‘s largest customers, but the electricity utility is striving to reduce water use.

The company’s older diesel power station, C station, has open circuit cooling.  C station produces the cloud of steam seen from The Bridge in St. Sampson.

Clouds of steam rise from Guernsey Electricity's C station power station (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The older diesel power station uses 0.88 cubic metres of water per MWh of electricity produced (0.88 litres per KWh or unit of electricity).

In 2010, C station used about 58 million litres of water to generate electricity.  This usage varies considerably from year to year depending on electricity demand.

Steve Morris, Engineering Director for Guernsey Electricity Ltd., stated that the company’s gas turbine generators have closed circuit cooling so their water consumption is minimal.

All Guernsey Electricity’s new generators will employ closed circuit cooling.  Guernsey Electricity’s latest diesel engine, 1 D, has closed circuit cooling as will the new generator expected on-line by 2013.

Guernsey Electricity Ltd. has recently commissioned a spring water recovery system. Tests show that the utility may expect to produce about 8 million litres of water from this source.

The water use of the C station generators will depend on Guernsey’s electricity demand, which is growing.  However, Guernsey Electricity Ltd. expects its water use over time to decline as electricity from C station will be replaced with either imported electricity or with local generation employing closed-circuit cooling.

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