Click produce the ‘Guernsey Guide to Hedge Veg’

March 12th, 2011 by Richard Lord

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Fifteen people got together in the Young Enterprise Scheme to form ‘Click’ to produce and sell the ‘Guernsey Guide to Hedge Veg.”

The book shows hedge veg stalls organised by parish.  The 50 page guide to Guernsey’s hedge veg – the tradition of selling fresh produce, eggs, preserves, flowers, kindling firewood, and books in an unattended stall by the roadside with payment made in ‘honesty boxes.’

The book has an introduction on the formation of ‘Click’ and an interview with experienced grower Dave Gorvel who says that hedge veg and home-grown produce is so important to Guernsey’s way of life.

The book shows images of almost 50 hedge veg stalls.  Each entry gives the name of the owner, the address and the Perry Guide reference for the stall.  Some entries include a list of produce and other products available by season.

The entries for stalls are interspersed with recipes such as ‘mushroom stuffed tomatoes’ and ‘butternut squash chutney.’

The Guide is practical and a useful addition to the literature on Guernsey customs.

Ten percent of the profit from sales is being donated to The Caritas Community Charitable Trust.

David Grimshaw and Sandra Critell sell vegetables on behalf of the Caritas Community Charitable Trust (click image to expand - ©RLLord)

The book is currently for sale at £5.99 at the Priaulx Library.  For more information on buying the guide please email Click: clickgsy @

For more information about The Caritas Community Charitable Trust call Rev. Bellinger on 263203.

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