Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk tells how we can learn from nature’s technology to live more sustainably

February 16th, 2011 by Richard Lord

Michael Pawlyn said “If we could learn to make things and do things the way nature does we could achieve factor 10, factor 100, may be even factor 1000 savings in resource and energy use.”

“If we’re to make progress with the sustainability revolution I believe there are three really big changes we need to bring about.

  • Radical increases in resource efficiency
  • Shifting from a linear, wasteful polluting use of resources to closed loop model
  • Changing from a fossil fuel economy to a solar economy

“You could look at nature as being like a catalogue of products and all of those have benefited from a 3.8 billion year research and development period, and given that level of investment it makes sense to use it.”

“Closed loop models turn waste streams into schemes that create value.” “We could transform a big problem, waste, into a massive opportunity.  And particularly in cities.  We could look at the whole metabolism of cities and look at those as opportunities.”

Michael Pawlyn established Exploration Architecture Limited in 2007.  The Exploration website states that it works with visionary clients to create sustainable architecture inspired by nature.  He continues to represent Grimshaw Architects as a Founder Member of the UK Green Building Council and is a member of ‘The Edge’, a think-tank dedicated to addressing important political, social and professional issues.

Michael Pawlyn’s book “Biomimicry in Architecture” is due to be published on 8 September 2011.

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